Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Mini Junk Journals: Vintage Snow White Junk Journal

December Caravan
Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! I am so excited to share with y'all one of the precious junk journals that is now available in the shop! This adorable and tiny vintage Snow White junk journal can be found HERE!

I am so excited to share this with y'all because this is an example from one of the newest sections that has been added to the shop: Mini Junk Journals! These junk journals will measure no more than 3x4 and most will measure the size of this precious Snow White Junk Journal: 2 x 2.5. The size is absolutely perfect for a small gift for a friend, a little journal to add into your own purse, or just a beautiful way to remember a special day with tiny pictures and sweet writings.
December Caravan
Y'all know how much I love creating different and unique journals and altered books. These beautiful and unique journals are the perfect way to grab onto ordinary moments or days and remember special times in life.
December Caravan
I found this adorable and popular vintage Snow White Golden Book in an antique book store back in the early part of winter of 2019 and was so excited as it was in excellent condition and I knew it would make a special Junk Journal.

It took some time to figure out the exact sizing and specifications for these precious little books and I loved the creative process of working to find this! Now that I have gotten the exact size down that works well for me I am so excited to share more of these that are going to be coming to this section of the shop soon!

Another thing that I wanted to do was to offer junk journals that were in my shop that were affordable at all different price points. This junk journal is less than $10! It is truly the perfect gift for a loved one!
December Caravan
This Mini Vintage Snow White Junk Journal contains approximately 25 pages/tags of quality and beautiful scrapbook paper, adorable vintage and modern embellishments and ephemera, and pretty surprises, this tiny Junk Journal will create a treasured keepsake for a lifetime and can be used in a special moment throughout the year or on a trip to Disney.

I was showing this junk journal to a friend and she said it would be the perfect present for a newly engaged bride-to-be and I loved that idea! What a fun idea to record special little notes from the engagement season in this junk journal
December Caravan
What I love about Snow White (and Disney in general) is that the stories are timeless for dreamers to dream and wish in all different ways. No matter how you would use this junk journal it would be precious. *smiles* 
December Caravan
If you are interested in this Tiny Vintage Snow White Junk Journal can find it HERE . Or check out the shop by clicking HERE!

Thank you friends so much for checking out, reading, and commenting on this new blog! I am so excited to connect with y'all more in this space!!

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