Thursday, June 4, 2020

Amazon Creative Business Finds - Thursday, June 4th

Happy Thursday friends! I am so excited to start a new series here on the blog- a weekly series on the latest amazon finds for those who work in the creative field like I do! Amazon is just one of the places that I find great deals to help me in saving money on products that I use for the shop so that I can keep my prices low for my customers. If you are looking for great deals on items I hope that these will help you in your creative endeavors! 
If you are like me then you use Sharpies in so many different ways for different projects and you are always looking to see when they have great deals. This 72 Count package was a great deal for under $50 and can be found HERE!
Looking for a smaller package with some unique colors that were really pretty? Check out this 24 count from Sharpie and it is less than $17! You can find this item HERE!
New to using Sharpie pens and looking to try them out? This is a package that I have used a lot - I love the colors and I have found that on thicker paper these really don't bleed through paper. This 5 count is less than $8 and you can find this item HERE!
Looking for mailing bags that don't tear in the mail? Depending on what you ship these might be a great suggestion for you. I use these bags to mail out a lot of my Ebay items from my Ebay Store (Caravan Sonnet Factory- you can find it HERE) and have found these bags to be great for sending out lightweight items. They are tear proof and hold up really well. They are currently on sale for less than $17 and for 100 bags they are really affordable! You can find this item HERE!
This is a great book for anyone looking to create a business doing what you love. It is a great practical resource and also is filled with wonderful tips and inspiration. It is definitely a book that I refer to a lot in my businesses. For less than $18 this is something that is worth its weight in gold. You can find book HERE!

Thanks so much for reading today friends! I hope that you enjoy this new weekly series! I can't wait to share more items and finds over the course of the next months and years! Happy Thursday!

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