Thursday, June 11, 2020

Amazon Creative Business Finds - Thursday, June 1th

Happy Thursday friends! As I mentioned last week, I am so excited to start a new series here on the blog- a weekly series on the latest amazon finds for those who work in the creative field like I do! Amazon is just one of the places that I find great deals to help me in saving money on products that I use for the shop so that I can keep my prices low for my customers. If you are looking for great deals on items I hope that these will help you in your creative endeavors! If you are looking for past posts you can find them listed below:

Past Amazon Creative Business Finds
June 4, 2020
For the shop I use so many different types of scissors, but one of my favorites is the Fiskars Heavy Duty Scissors that I use to make all of the Junk Journal Covers. They are incredible! If you are needing to cut through heavy materials for your craft projects than definitely check these out! I make tons of junk journals a week and these last me a good 4 months. There are different sizes but my favorite is the larger size. You can find them HERE!
Another item that I use a lot is a paper cutter. Y'all I can't believe that I am going to say this, but when I first opened the shop in 2013 I actually didn't use a paper cutter and did it all by hand. I think I felt like it kept the "authenticity" of the product, but then the shop grew and I discovered this paper cutter... and have never looked back. If you are looking for a great paper cutter try this one. You can find this item HERE!

And then I discovered...
(3) Fiskars Heavy Duty Paper Cutter
THIS cutter is incredible if you are needing to use a heavy duty paper cutter. It cuts so smooth (even for incredibly thick cardstock and chipboard!! It is truly incredible! You can find this item HERE!

Thanks so much for reading today friends! I hope that you enjoy this new weekly series! I can't wait to share more items and finds over the course of the next months and years! Happy Thursday!

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